Andreas Edsfeldt

Andreas Edsfeldt

Hjelt grant holder 2017, Lund university

New markers and therapeutic targets to prevent cardiovascular events

The risk of dying from cardiovascular disease is increased among individuals with type 2-diabetes. Type 2-diabetes is increasing fast and considering the high risk to suffer from a cardiovascular event it is crucial to increase our knowledge regarding atherosclerosis in type 2-diabetes. Through the identification of biological differences in type 2-diabetes we aim to find markers and therapeutic targets to prevent cardiovascular events.

The risk of suffering from cardiovascular events as myocardial infarction and stroke is increased for individuals with type 2-diabetes. These complications are commonly caused by ruptures of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques, located in the large arteries. The cause of the increased risk to suffer from a vulnerable plaque rupture among individuals with type 2-diabetes remains unknown.

We recently showed that atherosclerotic plaques from individuals with type 2-diabetes have signs of an impaired arterial tissue repair as a potential cause of the high risk for a plaque rupture.
We aim to identify if the impaired tissue repair might be caused by a defect inflammatory resolution and clearance of dead cells, two important steps in tissue healing and regeneration.
By characterizing the role of these processes in the arterial wall we further aim to assess if they might be possible to trace in blood as biomarkers or by imaging to identify high risk individuals.


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