Eero Lundén

Architecture in the Future in Cities – Towards New

Time: November 8 and 9, 2017
Venues: The Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki and Brinkkala Mansion, Turku

Photographer: Victoria Monjo

What is the role of art in exploring the possibilities of new buildings? Can museums shape the way we experience art? Can architecture add to the learning experience in schools? What will the cities of the future look like? How can architects and citizens together shape our future cities?

Designing a museum or a school is an exciting architectural challenge. In this talk the Finnish architect Eero Lundén outlined some of the architectural challenges in designing public buildings, transport hubs and visions for cities, described his methods and working processes, and provided examples of architecture and urban design for the future within and beyond Finland.

Eero Lundén (b.1982) is an architect FRSA and the founder of Lundén Architecture Company based in Helsinki. The office is focused on researching the possibilities of new technologies and cross-disciplinary cooperation in creating new visionary buildings and urban environments.

The talks were organised in collaboration with the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Bryggman Institute.

Year: 2017