Mikkel Bogh

Topic: Towards the Unbound Museum
Venue: Tuesday 23 May 2017 at the Ateneum Hall, Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki

“The digitised museum has opened up an experimental space not defined by architecture and opening hours and more or less undefined by curatorial perspectives. But what are the challenges of the thus unbound museum in terms of curatorial authority as well as in terms of finances and legal issues? What do we risk losing by giving almost unlimited access to digitized collections? What can be gained? And how far do we want to go towards the unbound museum?”

Dr. Mikkel Bogh, art historian and director of Statens Museum for Kunst SMK in Copenhagen, gave an inspiring talk on the challenges and gains towards the unbound museum. This talk took as a starting point experiences with open access and strategic developments such as the newly launched project SMK Open at Statens Museum for Kunst. The talk was organised in collaboration with Ateneum Art Museum and Hjelt Art Foundation.

Year: 2017