Welcome to the Hjelt Foundations!

These foundations have been created because they represent very important situations that have influenced large parts of my life.

1. Spina Bifida prevention

Having lost a child due to Spina Bifida, a most traumatic experience that no family should have to go through, this foundation aids research into prevention.

2. Diabetes II prevention

As a diabetic myself, I wanted to contribute to research into the prevention of this disease which is increasing rapidly worldwide.

3. Art foundation

To honour my parents, I wanted to return to Finland some pieces of art my Finnish-born Father had collected, and to create the Falsterbonäset Open Air Museum (five statues by Gudmar Olovson, Paris) in memory of my Mother's happy times in Falsterbo.

Bo Hjelt

Allan and Bo Hjelt's Art Collection

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Falsterbonäset Open Air Museum

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