The Spina Bifida Foundation

BoMadeleineThe Bo Hjelt Foundation for Spina Bifida in memory of Madeleine Hjelt

… focuses on financing primary fundamental research in the field of Spina Bifida, most often sponsoring Ph.D students. The Foundation has contributed in the financing of 10-15 Ph.D students over the years, who in turn have produced some hundred articles in high-ranking medical journals.

First data showed that folic acid supplementation by the mother may influence the intrauterine programming of the growth and development of the child. Going forward, the foundation has decided to support the (epi)genetic research of Spina Bifida. To that end further financial support is very much welcomed. Go to ”Donations” to find out how you can contribute.


The father of a child with Spina Bifida who passed away at the age of 11 and two unborn children also affected by Spina Bifida, Bo Hjelt set up the Bo Hjelt Foundation for Spina Bifida in Memory of Madeleine Hjelt with the aim to help finance research in prevention of Spina Bifida in 1986.

Every year since then and until 2005, a percentage of the profits made by the company he founded and built (CDI) went into building a capital base for the Bo Hjelt Foundation. In recent years, Bo Hjelt has personally dedicated a significant sum of money and time to expanding the foundation’s resources and capital/reach.